Setting the Stage

Over the years, I have developed a passion for all things creative. I started this journey with storytelling. I believe that everyone and everything has a story to tell. Without language, society as we know it would be dead.Over the years I have expanded, and added a list of talents and interests to my artistic resume. To name a few…comic book artist, painter, tattoo designer and song writer. I can take almost any object and turn it into a piece of art…

Hence the birth of this blog, in which all things creative will be shared.

Me in a Nutshell

About Me:)


I thought it might be nice to tell you a bit more about who I am.
I am a mother-of-two. I have obtained my CNA Certification recently but am not currently working as a CNA. I have also taught as a Certified Pre-School Teacher. Recently I enjoyed becoming an exotic dancer.
A few things about me, I value friendship and honesty above anything else. I love music, almost any genre in fact. I have been told I have an amazing shower voice;)-
Someday I plan to be a Certified Doula and later a midwife. I would also love to see a book get published:)
Things I do to pass time…
Taking way too many pictures of anything I deem beautiful(or funny). I paint, and sketch. If it involves paper and something I can use to add life to it, I’m in:) I also make jewelry, collect glass jars to paint and turn into candle holders, or a vessel for anything your heart desires. I am a huge geek. I love to read and learn new things. I can name nearly every constellation in the sky, and received my first telescope when I was a teenager. I know how to play the flute, saxophone, and guitar(the guitar is by far my favorite!)
I have 4 tattoos, one of which I gave myself in a fit of juvenile idiocy. I also have designed tattoos for several people, have taken my designs in for reviews throughout the country and received very positive feedback. Some day I would love to pursue this further.
I have owned a turtle, parakeets, puppies and kitties. I currently have an awesome puppy named Patches:)
I have lived in Colorado, South Dakota, Ohio, and Las Vegas. Each has had it’s ups and downs, though I would love to make Vegas my home.
I love hiking, not sure how many miles I clocked last summer, but it was enough to save my life as it never failed to center me and remind me of all of the beautiful things in life.
My favorite holidays are the 4th of July(for the fireworks and warm weather;)) and Christmas(beautiful lights and reconnecting with the people I love. Plus I love surprises and giving to others:)
Speaking of giving, I have used to work as Red Cross Volunteer. My job entailed working to bring deployed military members home in the event of an emergency. I hope to get back into volunteer work again soon:) This world needs all the help it can get, and people shouldn’t have to struggle alone.
I have nearly died 4 times in my life. How I am still here…I have chalked it up as I guess my purpose here is not yet fullfilled:)