Things I Wish I Had Known At 16 Years Old, 16 Years Later

Suzie Speaks

The challenge of focusing on different perspectives is a difficult one – I don’t possess a creative fictional brain and spent a lot of time attempting to imagine various situations from the perspective of contrasting people, to no avail.

However, the sad news that I have received this week has prompted me to reflect on life a little, and I found myself thinking about the me of 16 years ago. This me was a very different person to the me that I know now, and there are lots of things I want to say to that 16 year old, with her frizzy blonde hair, her insecurities and her weaknesses. I thought I knew everything. I had a plan – where I was going to go, what I was going to do and how I was going to do it – and if my 32 year old self could travel back in…

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Get a Hobby!

M&J Blog

We think that the weirdest holidays can also be the best! Let’s take January for instance. This month is not only the first of the year, it’s also National Hobby Month. Maybe it’s the fact that taking up a new hobby is a common resolution, but whatever the reason for this wacky holiday we’ll embrace it with open arms! Here are some crafty hobbies you may not have heard of that we think you’re going to love.

Quilled Lettering from All Things Paper

Quilling is also known as paper filigree. It involves carefully curling and manipulating paper into desired shapes. We wonder if you could do this with starched ribbon! Oh the possibilities. If you want to get started, All Things Paper has great tutorials and resources!

Screenprinting Process

If you’ve ever said something that you thought was worthy of a t-shirt, why don’t you try screen printing? It’s the process forcing ink through a mesh screen…

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Vacation’s Over

Hey you guys, sorry my pages have been a bit lacking lately, but honeymoons tend to have that effect….needless to say, we are back in cozy South Dakota. I already miss my Vegas dearly, but am grateful for the opportunity to go back:) Had a an awesome time seeing shows like Zumanity, jumping off the stratosphere, exploring the Strip, checking out Freemont Street and even adding some new ink to my collection:) Great to be back here amongst you guys and hope I haven’t missed too much!